Colloidal Silver

If you haven’t tried it yet I really recommend it.

Health benefits of colloidal silver:
— Anti bacterial
— Anti parasitic
— Anti microbial

•Eye wash, place a few drops in eye to relive irritation.

•If you get a cold just spray directly in nose or use a mixture of salted water with colloidal silver by using a nose buddy.

•If you have a sore throat just spray the tonsils and mouth.

•If you caugh, spray in your mouth while inhaling to get the silver in the lungs.

•Dental infection, swish in mouth for inflammation of the tooth decay.

I always have a small spray bottle can with me when I travel.


Research on Antibiotics Reveals Silver Acts as a Booster, While Mixing Certain Antibiotics with Statins Can Be Devastating

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Mitt namn är Hannibal Malki. Jag är leg. kiropraktor och intresserad av hälsa & kost. På denna blogg samlar jag intressanta övningar och tips för din hälsa.
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  1. Hannibal says:

    Sorry that I haven’t answered until now.
    Your post was spammed for any reason.

    Thanks for the tips.

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