Tabata exercise

What is Tabata?

Tabata originated in 1996 in Japan when fitness researcher Dr Izumi Tabata set up a HIIT (high intensity interval training) experiment, using this very method.
Dr Tabata found the tabata protocol to draw heavily from both the aerobic and anaerobic systems, unlike most conventional workouts.
20 Seconds of sprint/work, 10 second rest, for 4 straight minutes. Tabata music lets you focus on your workout, rather than think about having to look at your watch or a free tabata timer.

The Tabata Interval Method has proven to maximize VO2 max, while also building endurance, burning fat, and retaining muscle. Though the Tabata was not designed as a fat loss or weight loss program, it has gained a lot of recent attention in response to tabatas ability to speed up the metabolism and burn fat.

Any bodyweight exercise can be used: Squat, burpee, air squat, push ups, sprints, etc can all be used.

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Mitt namn är Hannibal Malki. Jag är leg. kiropraktor och intresserad av hälsa & kost. På denna blogg samlar jag intressanta övningar och tips för din hälsa.
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    Thank you for your kind words, respect.

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