According to Liederma

Earle Liederman wrote a book called Endurance. In the book he that every man should be physically fit enough to save his own life in an emergency.

He sets out five benchmarks that indicate whether a man is up to this task.

“Every man should be able to save his own life. He should be able to swim far enough, run fast and long enough to save his life in case of emergency and necessity. He also should be able to chin himself a reasonable number of times, as well as to dip a number of times, and he should be able to jump a reasonable height and distance.

He sets a minimum of what you shuloulf be able to cope.

A man should be able to:

1. Swim at least half a mile or more

2. Run at top speed two hundred yards or more

3. Jump over obstacles higher than his waist

4. Pull his body upward by the strength of his arms, until his chin touches his hands, at least fifteen to twenty times

5. Dip between parallel bars or between two chairs at least twenty-five times or more

If a person can accomplish these things then he doesn’t have fear for the safety of his life. He then will be able to save himself in an emergency.

About Hannibal

Mitt namn är Hannibal Malki. Jag är leg. kiropraktor och intresserad av hälsa & kost. På denna blogg samlar jag intressanta övningar och tips för din hälsa.
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