Do try this at home – Wall Slide

  • Stand with your back against a wall.
  • Raise your arms overhead bending them at the elbow so that the back of your hands touch the wall. At the very least the thumb side of your hand should be on the wall.
  • Move your feet a few inches forward of the wall and be sure the back of your head touches the wall as well.
  • You should notice that your back arches somewhat.
  • Tighten your ‘‘core’’ by pushing your ribs and sternum down without flattening your lower back or holding your breath.
  • Hold this abdominal brace and slide down the wall with your torso, but leaving your arms fixed.
  • Your elbows should straighten.
  • Try to keep your back flat and ribs down in front while you slide up and down the wall.


About Hannibal

Mitt namn är Hannibal Malki. Jag är leg. kiropraktor och intresserad av hälsa & kost. På denna blogg samlar jag intressanta övningar och tips för din hälsa.
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